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A Gentle Touch Funerals will gently guide you, step by step, through the process of arranging a beautiful and meaningful funeral for your loved one.
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A Gentle Touch Funerals is committed to providing gentle, meaningful and compassionate care to you and your family. We offer personalised service to help you through the process of honouring your loved one, in a way that is both meaningful and memorable.
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Funeral Directors Gold Coast – A Gentle Touch Funerals

If you have recently lost a loved one, we would like to take this opportunity to sympathise with your loss.

Funeral Home and Chapel:  73 Railway Street Mudgeeraba Queensland 4213
Phone: (07) 5522 0099

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The Hobson Family established the funeral company A Gentle Touch Funerals in 1997 and is a proud member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association, with a vision of being able to provide a funeral service that was personally tailored to suit the individual and always remain progressive.  The needs of families and the changes within the industry and society, have caused our company to be vigilant and strive to be one step in front of families and other funeral companies.

Our business premises were purposely designed and built offering a fully functional funeral home and a non-denominational Federation Chapel on site. The added bonus is it is centrally located in the heart of Mudgeeraba CBD on the Gold Coast QLD.

Our priority and work ethic is to provide families with the very best care possible, at a time when they are most vulnerable. A large number of local families in the area come from pioneering heritage, so special attention is paid to recognise the role their families have contributed to the local district.

A Gentle Touch Funerals is Mudgeerabas’ only funeral company embracing new approaches and identifying our Company as moving with the times, we introduced a custom designed Rolls Royce Hearse. This hearse reflects an appreciation of refinements and creates an everlasting memory for families.

Staff employed at A Gentle Touch Funerals have wide and diverse working backgrounds. The common denominator is, all are competent, compassionate, caring and respectful of all families’ requests and needs when attending to the funeral arrangements. Ensuring all requests are adhered to and the Funeral Service is carried out with dignity with no unnecessary stress, caused to the family members.

We take pride in our Unique Exclusive Coffin and Urn range of products. All credit goes to Mark Hobson with his design creativity and foresight to be able to produce the perfect coffin or urn for the individual families.

As a Company we have been instrumental and supportive of establishing a Green Cemetery on the Gold Coast. This type of burial is appealing to the environmentally minded person and is a way to the future in protecting the environment.

Being affiliated with Pacific Island Funerals we preserve the cultural integrity of the great Hawaiki nations. We are specialists in the repatriation processes, albeit local, intrastate, interstate or overseas travel for deceased persons. Our funeral directors in Gold Coast always make sure that we worked with families in the most respectful way and conscious of the Cultural requirements.

The Hobson Family.

For prompt and caring service, contact us and 
please call (07) 5522 0099

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We can tailor a service to your specific needs and requests

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Funeral Services

Our dedicated and compassionate staff will guide you through our funeral services and ensure you have the support you need whilst making funeral arrangements. We take a personal approach to funeral services and ensure to put your departed loves one’s wishes at the heart of all arrangements. We offer a wide range of funeral services, for example, we can host a funeral in a chapel, garden or unique setting of your choice.


Whether your loved one has pre-selected and paid for their burial plot or has simply expressed they would like to be buried, we can help provide the respectful send-off your loved one deserves. We can follow burial requirements for specific faiths, religious beliefs or cultures so please do not hesitate to speak to one of our funeral directors about your wishes. If your departed friend or family member has not pre-selected a plot, we can help you choose the right cemetery and grave.

Our rose emerald urn


Many individuals and families on the Gold Coast choose cremation as it allows a loved one to be taken to a new location. Many religious ceremonies now include cremations, as religious attitudes are changing towards cremations. If you are interested in cremation, there are other options you need to consider such as whether a cremation will include a funeral service, memorial service or if direct cremation is desired. Our team will help you make these important decisions compassionately and with care. We can also provide advice about how to scatter ashes or planting a tree/plant with ashes.

Coffins and cremation urns

To ensure making funeral arrangements is as straightforward for our clients as possible, we can provide the following funeral products:


We sell custom coffins that are available in a wide range of styles, designs and colours. This ensures our clients can select a coffin that truly reflects their departed loved one’s personality and preferences. Our custom coffins can be created in a variety of materials, from MDF to Australian hardwood. We cater to all budgets and ensure our custom coffins are suitable for both cremation and burial services.

Our team can also supply Expression coffins, which can be personalised with an image or with artwork. We have thousands of themes and images available, or we can use bespoke images or photos supplied by clients for a truly personal touch.

Cremation Urns

Whether choosing a future urn for yourself or for a loved one who is no longer with us, cremation urns should reflect the personality and life of the individual it contains. We provide cremation urns in a wide range of shapes, styles, materials and sizes. Popular urn materials include ceramic marble, brass and spun aluminium due to their long-lasting nature and aesthetic appearance. Our high-quality urns will keep cremated remains secure and safe, commemorating a loved one is an honourable way.

We can also accommodate bespoke requests and can provide urns in decorative, novelty or animal shapes. For an eco-friendly option, eco planting and scattering urns are proving to be an increasingly popular choice. If you want to keep your loved one close, we sell a diverse range of cremation jewellery that you can wear or store as a keepsake.

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Why You Should Choose Our Funeral Directors

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Proudly Australian

At A Gentle Touch Funerals, we are proud to be 100% Australian-owned. We’re also a family-run, local business that has been helping people say goodbye to their loved ones in a dignified and personal way since 1997. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to respect different faiths and cultures.

Every member of our team is Australian and highly knowledgeable about the local area and the different funerals and memorial services that we can perform. We’re also a certified member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association.

Young Man Carrying Wooden Casket

Located At The Heart Of The Gold Coast

Our local area and community are incredibly important to us. You can find us at the heart of the Gold Coast, where we have a full funeral home and a non-denominational chapel. We also work with venues in New South Wales and Brisbane, giving you more flexibility if you have a different place of rest in mind.

With our local connections, we can help you to book the location you would like. We like to take as much of the stress and logistics off your hands as possible, so that you have more time to focus on your family at this difficult time.

Assistance When You Need It Most

We know that mourning the passing of a loved one is an emotional and distressing time for you and your family. While you know you need to make funeral plans, you might be finding it hard to concentrate and make decisions. This is why we provide around-the-clock assistance whenever possible. Even if you just need to speak to someone for emotional support, our focus is on your care.

We promise to be there for you when you need it. To help ease some of the burdens, we can take care of the legal side of things and coordinate florists, ministers and celebrants so that it all comes together smoothly on the day.

A Coffin Display Room

Everything You Need On Site

Our funeral home and chapel are located on-site, allowing us to offer a full suite of services and products. We have two arrangement rooms, a coffin display room, offices and a mortuary, allowing us to organise viewings prior to the funeral and giving you peace of mind that your loved one is comfortable and being looked after by our team at all times.

If you have a special request that we don’t already have on-site, we will use our range of local contacts to make sure you have exactly what you need.

Bespoke Services

Just like every person is unique, every funeral is unique too. We find that the best way to celebrate the life of someone we have lost is to honour them with a bespoke service. Each person will have their own wishes, faith or culture that will influence how they would like to be remembered.

We can take care of repatriation if they need to be transported back home from overseas. We also offer RSL funerals for returned services personnel in honour of their bravery and achievements.

It’s also our mission to preserve the culture of Hawaiki nations, out of our deep respect for the Polynesian people and their integrity. Simply let us know if you would like your culture to be honoured during the service.

Honest, Straight-forward Prices

No one needs hidden fees or unexpected additional costs when they are planning a funeral. Unless it has been paid for and organised already, you can find all upfront costs on our website. If finance is something you’re worried about, you can speak to one of our team. We are always transparent about pricing and will find a payment option that suits you.

We believe that money should not be the biggest concern on your mind at this time. That is why we are honest and upfront with our prices to take away the guesswork.

Passionate About Preserving Our Environment

Our beautiful environment is something we have taken steps to preserve. For people who are just as eco-conscious as we are, we have two Green Cemetery sites. These are designed to return remains back to the earth naturally, allowing stunning greenery to flourish and create new life.

We can create coffins in bio-degradable materials such as cardboard or wicker for these services and line them with cotton. This makes sure your loved one is comfortable while returning them to mother nature in peace.

A Cemetery Site

Our Families

You don’t just have to take our word for it when choosing A Gentle Touch Funerals. Have a look at what our families have to say.


If you or your loved one is unwell or of advanced age, it might be wise to consider pre-paying for your funeral costs.

It not only eases the burden of cost and planning on your family during an incredibly difficult time, but also allows you to ensure that you are receiving a service that most accurately reflects your wishes.

Additionally, by choosing a prepaid funeral, the money allocated to this is exempted from the Assets Test, allowing you to continue receiving pension payments.

While it is not always possible to pre-pay, consider this option if you have the time and means to do so.

This is a difficult question to answer. It is always most helpful if the person either stipulated in their will or discussed with a next of kin what their preferences were.

However, if the death was sudden or the person was uncomfortable with the idea of death, this was not likely to have happened.

The best idea is to consider what your loved one’s values and passions were in life.

For example, if your father was an avid nature lover and enjoyed bushwalking, it would be a testament to his memory to opt for a bushland funeral, where his remains are placed to rest in a natural area with minimal disturbance to the surroundings.

If you are struggling to choose an option, our team are happy to talk to you about your loved one and help you to decide on a service that honours their memory.

The costs for a cremation and burial differ, and each individual is unique with costs changing depending on added or removed services.

Generally, the cost of cremation includes cremation costs, death certificate, cremation certificate, basic coffin, casket spray, church, celebrant/minister and additional items.

The basic burial package includes coffin, casket spray, death certificate, celebrant or minister, church/chapel and committal at the graveside. You should also consider that the burial plot is a separate charge, as well as headstones.

If you choose to opt for a coffin made of, for example, cedar, rather than MDF (which is included in the basic burial package), this will be another cost.

Please call or email us to discuss what your choices are so we can provide a more accurate estimate.

We know that people’s religious beliefs continue to provide a deep sense of comfort in times of loss, and we are more than happy to accommodate any necessary restrictions or changes.

For example, if you are Jewish or Muslim, we understand that embalming is prohibited, burials are the required method of internment and must occur as soon as possible.

Likewise, we respect that many religions prefer cremation. We also have a funeral program specifically designed for cultural sensitivity to Hawaiki people.

Discuss your needs with our team and we will ensure that you feel supported and respected during this difficult time.

Embalming is the process of chemically preserving the deceased. While embalming is still popular among some groups, it is not always needed.

There are some situations where opting for embalming might be a wise choice. If you are conducting a viewing as a part of the funeral service, embalming can help to improve the deceased’s appearance. Likewise, if being repatriated or travelling interstate, it is required that the body be embalmed.

Your loved one’s body is not inherently dangerous, and if you do not wish to have them embalmed, this is your right and will not pose any health risks to yourself or others. If you have any concerns or queries, we can talk them through with you.

A coffin is a body-shaped structure, widest at the shoulders and tapering towards the head and feet. Coffins can be made from a wide range of materials, such as MDF (which can be finished for a more appealing presentation) to solid wood for longevity on burial, usually plantation radiata pine, cedar and camphor laurel sprayed certain colours.

MDF coffins are most frequently used for cremations.

A casket is rectangular and a standard width throughout. Some have split lids which are ideal if a viewing is being conducted.

They can be lined with satin and have internal draperies. Caskets are most often selected for burials but can be used for cremation if the shape is preferred.

Neither are better or worse than the other, so ultimately the choice should be made as to what appeals to you personally, and what is best suited to the style of service and interment you have selected.

Here When It Matters

It is well documented by grief professionals that funerals are an essential part of the healing and recovery process. The funeral ceremony helps to publicly acknowledge the reality of the death and when shared with friends and family it encourages the expression of grief. This experience actually helps to begin a healthy mourning process.

We pride ourselves in delivering care and services that fit each family we serve. Not only do we guide you in making your decisions, we help you design a service that best expresses and celebrates the life of the one you love. The elements that comprise each funeral arrangement will change to your requirements and preferences.

Every funeral service is different, and this means that the total cost will depend on the arrangements you put in place. Some prices, cremation or burial and legal requirements, are necessary for all funerals, although many elements differ from funeral to funeral and these costs will vary depending on the choices you make.

We welcome all enquiries about funeral costs. We’ll take the time to find out how you want to farewell your loved one. Once we’ve gained an understanding of your requirements and preferences, we’ll provide you with a written obligation-free estimate of costs.