10 Questions About Cremation

For many reasons, families and friends are choosing cremation as their preferred way of funeral service for loved ones. Also, for many other reasons, people still have concerns about cremation, especially compared to burial. As trusted providers of cremation on the Gold Coast that people trust and rely upon, we know there are many concerns.

A Gentle Touch funeral directors have comprised 10 of the most often expressed questions regarding cremation to help you in your times of need.

1 What is Cremation?

Cremation is a way of preparing the deceased to be remembered permanently. It is as traditional as burial throughout the world and has been in continual use all through human history. Cremation uses heat to turn the human body into very small fragments of bone, usually called ashes.

2 Why is Cremation Popular?

As well as being traditional in some cultures, modern society often uses cremation for other reasons. In terms of the individual, many people see cremation as a sensible use of resources. This often means using as little land as possible.

3 What Happens during Cremation?

Cremation uses at least two chambers and a cooling tray. The coffin containing the deceased is cremated in the first chamber. The second chamber is used to cremate the ashes of the coffin, leaving just human remains. The cooling tray allows removal of metallic objects from the remains.

4 Does Cremation Replace a Funeral?

Cremation is usually carried out as part of a funeral service. It constitutes the final resting place of the deceased, allowing any ceremonies to be carried out.

5 Are there Special Rules for Cremation?

All cemeteries which carry out cremation should follow strict rules. These include all Government health rules, as well as established codes of practice. There should be a memorial plate with the name of the deceased with the body at all times. Individual remains are kept strictly separate, and any unclaimed remains are buried with dignity.

6 What Are Ash Containers?

Ash containers hold the remains of the deceased after cremation. In fact, they do not contain ash, but very small bone fragments. They are sealed and retained by the cemetery until such times as they are claimed by the family or applicant. The name plate is attached to the container at all times.

7 Is Cremation Acceptable to All Religions?

Most religions find cremation acceptable, apart from Islam, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Orthodox Judaism. Hinduism and Buddhism practise cremation as part of their cultures. The Roman Catholic Church has relaxed its opposition to cremation.

8 Is There Such a Thing as Multiple Cremation?

Only one person is usually cremated at any one time. The exceptions can be a mother and baby, twin children, or mother with twins. These require approval from the appropriate health authorities.

9 What Are Cremators Made From?

Actual cremator chambers are made from fire resistant brick and use natural gas as fuel.

10 How are Coffins Placed in Cremators?

Coffins always enter cremators with the feet of the deceased first.

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