5 Facts about Urns for Ashes

After a funeral service to help with their bereavement, the family will usually want an item created to remember their loved one who’s passed. In the case of a burial, family and friends can visit the gravesite with its memorial headstone. Until quite recently, this has been the main reason people choose burial over cremation. In fact, today there are plenty of options at A Gentle Touch Funerals after cremation that offer real solace and continuity. As trusted suppliers of urns for ashes on the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay Islands and in Brisbane, we’d like to present some often-unconsidered facts.

1 Urns can be part of a ‘life’ cycle

As burial is still a preferred way to say goodbye, biodegradable urns offer a perfect solution after cremation. These urns contain the cremains and can be buried in a selected plot. As nature takes its course, the urns return to the soil and the cremains are also absorbed. There are tree options available, which come with a seed to be nourished by the ashes of a loved one. As the tree grows to maturity, it is a living reminder of an unforgotten life.

2 Infant urns are available

Preferred by some parents at a time of unspeakable loss, infant urns are designed with the sensitivity of this extreme tragedy in mind. They can be ordered to a specific size, in a number of shapes. The exteriors come in exquisite, touching designs, including Angel and footprint patterns. In some cases, infant urns can be custom decorated.

3 Urns for pets’ ashes

For many people, losing a pet can be like losing a family member, so modern urns for ashes reflect this. If you choose cremation for your pet, you can obtain a suitable urn will hold your precious animal friend’s cremains. You’ll find urns for ashes for the largest of dog breeds to the tiniest of pets, such as mice. Choose from urns in the shape of the animal or select from a range of tasteful keepsake urns in many materials.

4 Cremation urns can reflect different personalities

Modern materials and techniques mean that cremation urns are available in many shapes and sizes. For example, custom urns can be made in the shape of a favourite car or golf trophy. More traditional cremation urns come in silver, detailed copper or gold-plated designs. If the deceased was a keen gardener, you can remember them with a bespoke garden-style urn.

5 Urns can be used during the scattering of ashes

Scatter Tubes are becoming extremely popular urns for ashes for family and friends who want to spread their loved one’s ashes in an area with sentimental appeal. Rather than keeping cremains in an urn, they can be scattered somewhere memorable and significant. These tubes are made from recycled materials and come in different sizes. A full-size scatter tube will hold the entire contents of an urn, while mini versions are also available. These are ideal for friends or family members to scatter ashes in separate places that mean something special to them and their loved one.

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