5 Types Of Funeral Services To Say Goodbye

Saying a final goodbye to somebody that you love is undoubtedly one of the hardest things any person will go through in their life.

It is something that you are never quite ready for, and something that you would rather not think about, but as a result, the actual process of planning a ceremony can often be left until the very last minute. 

Anybody who has been through it before will tell you that the sooner and more actively you plan a funeral, the better it will be and the less upsetting the process is.

Here at A Gentle Touch Funerals, we specialise in providing all kinds of different options.

Here are five different types of funeral services on the Gold Coast to say goodbye.


Funeral Service

This is the term used to describe the traditional kind of goodbye, usually a religiously themed service in a church that celebrates the life of the deceased.

Poems, Prayers and hymns are usually the main features of the service.

A funeral service is preferred by many, even those who would not see themselves as religious. 


Memorial Service

A memorial service is another chance to share memories and celebrate a life but usually takes place after the body has been buried or cremated.

It is a more casual gathering with less structure and formality.



A committal is a service that actually takes place at a graveyard, which culminates in the body being lowered into the ground as a final act of resting.

These can be as religious or non-religious as a person wants.


Viewings And Visitations

If you don’t want to have a large funeral gathering, then family and friends can instead opt to visit the deceased in the funeral home before their final goodbye.

This gives an intimate atmosphere for more sensitive goodbyes.



Much like a memorial, a funeral reception takes place after the actual funeral and is an opportunity for guests to congregate, eat and drink, and remember their passed loved one together in a welcoming and happy atmosphere.


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We want to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in this time of sadness and distress.

We look forward to being able to arrange something special with you.

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