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This Brochure Have Been Produced By Centerlink Australia.

Centerlink Needing Help After Someone Dies.

This brochure lets people know about the payments and support available after someone close to them dies. It offers information on the steps that need to be taken and the emotional and financial support available.

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This Brochure Have Been Produced By The Queensland Government.

A Checklist For Managing Affairs After A Death.

Managing the affairs of someone who has passed away can be daunting. We have created this checklist as a useful reminder of what needs to be done after a funeral. 


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These Brochures Have Been Produced By The Australian Funeral Directors Association. 

Easing The Burden.

A practical guide to the funeral process and procedures. The purpose of this guide is to help you cope with the death of a loved one by clarifying the funeral process and procedures. The Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) hopes that this guide will help you to make informed decisions resulting in a funeral which you feel is appropriate for your loved one.

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It’s Alright To Cry.

Whenever we are confronted by a loss, particularly the loss of bereavement, we may experience a range of strong human emotions. This is grief. When someone who has shared part of our life dies, whether a family member or a close friend, the emotions we feel can leave us desolate and confused.

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Sharing Memories. 

Why have a funeral ? A funeral is for those who are living. It is a celebration and thanksgiving of the life of the loved one who has died. Consequently, it is essential that everyone who has been touched by the life of the deceased has the opportunity to share in that celebration of their life. 

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What Do We Do When Someone Dies.

At some time during our lives, death will touch and effect us all. It will come to a family member or close friend and may cause much grief. It may change our lives in many ways. While no one wants to dwell on the subject, some understand of death can help us prepare for it’s eventuality. This includes having a basic knowledge of how to cope with the practicalities associated with death and having a basic knowledge of what to do when someone dies.

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What Do We Tell The Children.

One of the most difficult situations adults have to face is telling children that someone they love has died. We worry that they won’t understand, or that they will be emotionally devastated, and we automatically want to protect them from hurt. In fact children handle death very well – often much better than adults do – and in reality, they may be more hurt, more frightened and more resentful if we exclude them from our pain or try to cover it up.

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When A Baby Has Died.

When a baby dies it is natural to ask why. Why has a life been cut short ? Why our family ? Why couldn’t things be different ? Why didn’t we have a chance to have more time ? Naturally it is a time of confusion. Many other People may also be hurting because of the death. It can be difficult knowing what to do or what is right or wrong.   

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