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The Inspiration Behind Our Exclusive Range

The Inspiration behind the Creation of our Unique Exclusive Range.

I completed my Senior schooling at All Saints Anglican College, Mudgeeraba. I graduated after completing Year 12 in 1996.

Around this time in my life my Grandmother passed away. During the Funeral arranging process and actual funeral, my father Terry and I were of the opinion, the whole experience was impersonal. It lacked a true representation of the person, Terry knew as his Mother and likewise for me, my Grandmother.

This was a major turning point for both of us, to be able to work side by side and we embarked on a career change, becoming Funeral Directors and owning our business. We were able to provide families the opportunity to become more involved with the arrangement process and personalising their loved one’s final goodbye.

In 1997 A Gentle Touch Funerals Company name was registered, and we became a family affair, namely my father Terry, Mother Robbie, my wife Jamie and myself Mark, together we created the Company as it stands today.

What sets A Gentle Touch Funerals apart from other Funeral Companies is we are Family owned and operated, and we strive to individualise each funeral we arrange. With the family in put we make a concerted effort to personalise each service.

I have had a long  time passion for photography and always seeking ways to be progressive, and make use of my creative skills. I find satisfaction in experimenting with different ideas and subjects.

When Ashton Manufacturing conceived the idea of having images on wrapped coffins and calling them Expression Coffins.  It sparked an immediate interest and it was not long after I could see the direction that this new concept could take. It gave myself and the families the opportunity to Celebrate One’s Life with a personalised Coffin and Urn.

I was able to utilise my photography skills, going on photo shoots and capturing a number of iconic and well known Gold Coast areas. Over a number of years, I created A Gentle Touch Funerals Exclusive Unique Range of Coffins and Cremation Urns.

The photographs I used, are photographed in HDR (high dynamic range) allowing 7 images to be captured of the same scene and then they are blended with a number of computer programmes. Most of my images will take a few hours to edit and the end result will actually make you feel that you are there enjoying the scenery first hand.  I have perfected my creative skills and have the ability to be able to create almost anything that a family is seeking.

The possibilities are endless and are only limited by one’s imagination.   

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I am extremely grateful that I can combine my passion of photography, creativity and being able to create designs outside the realms of normality. Allowing free spirited creations to evolve, and providing the ultimate tribute for families and their loved ones.

Mark Hobson

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