Choosing a Funeral Director

When a loved one passes, not many family members will be familiar or prepared for the task of arranging the funeral.

To put you at ease, once you have spoken to your nominated funeral director and you are comfortable and feel reassured.  You need to supply relevant information to them about your loved one and the families wishes regarding the type of service.

A Gentle Touch Funeral Directors will then organise and co-ordinate with the relevant parties to select the date and time, the nominated venue, priest/celebrant, crematorium or cemetery personnel. The funeral arrangements will progress in a timely and professional manner, eliminating any undue stress to the family.

The staff at A Gentle Touch Funerals are familiar with all the aspects, formalities, and legislative requirements regarding the arrangements and attending to the funeral service.

We are competent, compassionate and will endeavour to make this funeral process, as least obtrusive or disruptive to the family as we are able, by guiding and supporting you all.

Staff at A Gentle Touch Funerals are available at any time to update and reassure families, by answering any queries they  may have.

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