How To Write A Eulogy

Helpful Tips in Writing a Eulogy.

The deliverance of a eulogy speech by family and friends at the funeral or memorial service, is a fitting tribute to your loved one, and celebration of their life.

This part of the service is where individuals are able to be speak about, usually in high regard, of the person who has passed away. It is a way of telling all and sharing life experiences, filling in the missing parts of one’s life encounters.

Depending on the circumstances and the deceased person’s interaction with others and their academic or sporting achievements during their life. This time may well be suited to tell all.

Writing a eulogy for someone can be intimidating, daunting and generally a difficult task. Our tip to you is write it straight from the heart.

Look at old photos, memorabilia, read through old letters ask questions of others.

  • Get information from other relatives and friends that cover different years in their life, that will paint an overall picture.
  • How this person affected your life the things you remember fondly and maybe other things you choose to forget.
  • Don’t be afraid to include some humour, this can lighten the service and relieve tension within. Helps make a realistic fitting tribute.
  • Several speakers can cover different parts of your loved one’s life.
  • So, the eulogy flows freely, you may have to cull some parts expand on others. Ensure you have a start, middle and end.
  • Reading the final draft of the eulogy out aloud a few times will help you on the day of the service.


What can be included in the Eulogy.

A well written and meaningful eulogy is the highest accolades one can pay to your loved one’s life and is written from the heart.

The following facts can be included in your eulogy.

  • Where born
  • Parent’s and sibling’s details.
  • Areas where the family lived whilst growing up.
  • Schools attended, academic achievements and trades.
  • Nick names
  • Details of military service served.
  • Significant relationships, marriages, divorces, children & grandchildren.
  • Favourite pet.
  • Sporting achievements, club memberships.
  • Details of hobbies, travels, craft interests, music and theatre
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Sporting teams followed.
  • What makes the deceased unique and special to all attending the service.
  • Identify the qualities that characterise the person we Work ethic, love of family, humour, honesty and generosity and contribution to the community.

Please note, for whatever reason you are not able to read your eulogy don’t miss this opportunity. The celebrant or another chosen family member or friend will feel privileged to read the eulogy on your behalf.

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