Funeral Etiquette

On the day of the funeral most family members enquire as to the appropriate time they should arrive, prior to the service.

This is a personal choice of the family, they can be the first to arrive or the last.

By arriving 30 minutes early this allows them to meet and greet friends and relatives. During this time, your funeral director will be having all the guests sign the Memorial Book and supplying them with a memorial card and seating all the mourners.

Immediate family are usually seated in the front rows of church or chapel, nearest to Minister / Celebrant. Extended family and friends will then seat themselves towards the back rows.

Once the service is completed and depending on whether it is a burial or cremation and the location of the service this will dictate what follows next. Your funeral director will advise all parties, as to what is required of them.

If your service requires pall bearers, to carry the coffin. Family select whom that will be and advise those six people.  The funeral director will call for the pall bearers at the appropriate time nearing the end of the service and will guide them through the required process and assist where necessary.

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