How To Scatter Ashes

Scattering of Cremation Ashes of Your Loved One.

In recent years the options available for family’s to keep, interterment or scatter ashes has eliminated extra financial burden compared to many years ago. With this accepted flexibility, the use of a scattering tube in various sizes allows the family a dignified and effective way to lay your loved one to rest in more than one location.

Seek advice from a reputable Nursery as to the best and  most successful way to plant a commemorative rose/tree with the cremated ashes and be guided by their expertise.

A few words of caution, be mindful of windy weather conditions, also discretion should be used if scattering in the waterways and take into account tidal conditions and swimmers. No doubt many family’s do have a secret special location, albeit some may deem illegal.  If this is the path you are taking and intend doing so, all I can advise is be discreet and mindful not to offend or upset others.

Urns For Ashes

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