Paperwork Requirements Including Death Certificates

Paperwork Requirements:

There are certain procedures that come into force after a person passes away. The following information is a brief overall of the behind the scenes paperwork, before a funeral director can take them into their care.

  • Interim Death Certificate or Life Extinct Form are issued by a Nurse, Ambulance Officer, Palliative Care Personnel, or Medical Practitioner. This form states the person is deceased and can be transferred by a Funeral Director.
  • Staff at AGTF then will contact the deceased’s Medical Practitioner and he will supply us with the Form 9, known as a Medical Cause of Death. Statutory Legislation states it must be issued within 48hours.
  • In the event the death is unexpected, not seen a Doctor for three months, violent or suspicious circumstances, fatal motor vehicle accidents etc, then Police, Coroner, Government Funeral Contractors takeover the care of the deceased. (Whilst police investigation taking place.)

Once their enquiries are completed and release paperwork has been issued by the Coroner.

At this point in time we as your nominated funeral director can take your loved one into our care.


Death Certificate:

Every family member asks the question “Death Certificate” everyone we speak to need this, for closing accounts to finalise the estate. Once the funeral is over, and either the cremation or burial has taken place, staff at AGTF make application to Births Deaths and Marriages for the Death Certificate to be issued timeframe is 2 to 6 weeks to reach families.


Paperwork Requirement For Funeral

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