Planning Your Funeral

Planning Your Funeral or for other Family Members.

Let it be known Cremation or Burial.

Being in control and having the ability to prepare and select the type of Funeral Service that you desire.  Also, to provide the necessary information about your family’s history, selection of the coffin, flowers, music, and any other personal attributes you would like to make this personalised service yours alone.

Assist others by eliminating confusion and unnecessary stress to your family, financial burden at this emotional time when a family member passes away.

DVD Presentation and Pre-Recorded Life Stories

Discuss with family members, all those so called little life experiences you have encountered throughout the years. You may think they are insignificant but I can assure you it will be of interest to all.

With so many electronic devices in the world today, let your family take advantage and record your personal accolades and achievements, together with a slide show makes a contribution to your legacy for future generations.

At A Gentle Touch Funerals we provide pricing that includes the whole Funeral Package. However, if you desire you can upgrade or downgrade certain components which will adjust the final pricing outcome, depending on your selection. 

Pre Plan Your Funeral Gold Coast
Pre Record Stories For Funeral

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