This is usually a personal request, by individuals and family to be able to say goodbye to their loved one. This can be carried out in our Chapel or prior to the actual Funeral Service.

Within the Funeral Home there are staff that specialise in the presentation of your loved one, by dressing, makeup and hair.

It is our intention to do the best possible presentation that we are able.

Sadly, due to many different circumstances surrounding the death of one’s family member. We have a situation whereby we have to advise some families it is not recommended to view.

(We can only advise from our experience.)


Cultural and Ethnic Backgrounds

With different cultural back grounds, which are many. Some require that the deceased is embalmed and goes back to his family’s home for an number of days. Allowing the family to say their final goodbyes, this is traditionally, what the Maori people require of their   deceased family member.

The Greek Orthodox community favour an open coffin during their Greek Orthodox Services, allowing family, friends and Church community to say goodbye.

There are many different cultural requirements to attend to when dealing with families. By working together, we will address all your specialised requests and requirements.

Let us help

In your time of need, allow us to help ensure your final goodbyes are made with the warmest of memories. Enter your details below and click SEND. We’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.