When a Death Occurs

When a Death Occurs

When a family member passes away we all go through different emotions. The following guidelines explain the basic things to be considered.

If the Death occurs in a Hospital.

Most hospitals but Not all have the facilities to be able to look after the deceased allowing time for the family to select their preferred funeral director. Once the hospital has completed the necessary paper work and the family have selected their preferred funeral director. The funeral director can convey the deceased into their care.

If Death occurs in a Nursing Home.

Most Nursing Homes have the family nominate a preferred Funeral Director at the time the elderly become a resident of the Nursing Home. This allows for the nursing home to liaise with family and when the necessary paperwork is completed, to have the deceased picked up by the funeral home and transported to their premises.

If a Death occurs at Private Premises.

 It has become a preferred option that if a family member is palliative they choose to pass away at their home, with family close by. There are usually arrangements that have been put in place by family, palliative support network and the treating medical practitioner.

Which allows for the issuing of the Medical Cause of Death allowing Funeral Directors to pick up and convey the deceased to their premises.

If a deceased has not been treated by a medical practitioner for the previous 3 months the coroner will be involved to some degree.

If a Death Occurs, Unexpectedly, Motor Vehicle Accident, Suspicious or Violent Circumstances.

In these circumstances, the police should be called. Once preliminary, enquiries are made and if they deem necessary they will take charge of the incident and prepare a report for the Coroner.

In these circumstances, the deceased will not be released to the Funeral Director for funeral purposes until all enquires and examinations are completed and released by the Coroner. Depending on the complexity of the enquiry this could delay funeral arrangements.


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