Creating Memories Of Your Child

Remembering your baby or child is very personal and individual. Our dedicated Funeral Directors will guide you with your arrangements for a funerals service, and depending on your choices we will also help you arrange a memorial service.

There are many ways to personalise your precious child’s last goodbye, and create everlasting memories.

Some of these may include:

Foot and hand prints


Locks of hair

Personalised flower decorations

Decorating the Coffin

RAPT In Memories Coffins and Urns

We also guide you if you want to dress your baby or child and what clothes you may want to use.

We explain the importance of creating special memories and using a celebrant, minister or friend to officiate and help put together a lasting tribute.

You may also wish to choose a Memories of a Lifetime Video Tribute, which we will also help guide you with.

RAPT In Memories Coffins are made by using photos, emblems, super hero pictures, your child’s favourite toy or animals. These RAPT In Memories Coffins and Urns are only limited to you and your child’s imagination.

RAPT is an archaic word and means ‘having been carried away bodily or transported to Heaven’

These RAPT In Memories coffins and Urn  are individually made through the creative and innovative mind of Mark Hobson, manager of A Gentle Touch Funerals.

To view the range of children’s RAPT In Memories coffins click the link below.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” A.A.Milne

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