Memorialisation Ideas

There are numerous ways to preserve the memory of your precious child. A Gentle Touch Funerals will help you create meaningful memories to celebrate your little one’s short life and keep those memories alive.

Write poetry or a story, which can even be published

Write a song or create a playlist and/or website

Make a photo collage or memory box

Release butterflies and or doves

Put a statuary in a garden

Plant a tree and/or flowers

Etch your child’s name onto stone and place it outside

Engrave your child’s name on a brass plaque and display it

Light a candle

Put a special picture in a dedicated place

Make a donation to a charity in your child’s name

Have a scholarship made in your child’s name

Release balloons with notes attached

Name a star after your child

Have a teddy bear made with your child’s ashes inside

“A Life May Last Just For a Moment, But, Memory Can Make That Moment Last Forever”

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