Choosing a Coffin or Casket


One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, ”What is the difference between a coffin and casket”?

There is a vast difference between the two, firstly their shape. A coffin is a traditional body shape, largest at the shoulder point and tapering at the head and foot ends. A casket is rectangular in appearance, remaining a constant size the entire length of the product.

Coffins are manufacturing mostly from (MDF) Medium Density Fibreboard. This is a cost-effective material that has many qualities that suit the coffin manufacturing application. Among those qualities, a variety of visually pleasing finishes can be applied to the exterior surface to create expensive and customised appearances for the finished coffins. 

MDF is also suitable for the application of vinyl paper, transfer foils, and natural timber veneers. This provides a wide range of styles to suit the celebration of the deceased person’s life. Coffins made from MDF are chosen mostly for cremation.

Coffins are also manufactured in a number of solid timbers—the majority being plantation radiata pine, cedar and camphor laurel. These coffins are hand-made with quality workmanship achieving superior designs and finishes.

Solid timber coffins can be used for cremation purposes, as well as burial. Solid timber is almost always the choice for burial thanks to its longer lasting qualities compared to MDF.

Caskets are exquisitely handmade by dedicated craftsmen. Using the finest hand-selected timbers, a furniture finish gives these timber caskets an elegant appearance.

In this premium range, the highest quality draperies are also used, upholstered fastidiously and accompanied with quality fittings.

Caskets also have a fully upholstered hinged lid, making them the perfect choice for viewing purposes. They are selected mostly for burials, but also for cremation when families prefer the casket shape over that of the coffin.

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