Choosing Cremation Urns

For many reasons, cremation is becoming more popular than burial as a funeral choice. Be that environmental, financial or other reasons, having the deceased cremated is becoming more common. With this popularity comes a choice of cremation urns, which are made to suit both the deceased and the bereaved. Modern materials and design techniques mean that our Mudgeeraba funeral directors at A Gentle Touch Funerals can cater for all tastes and budgets.

While personalisation was usually thought of as an option for coffins, today the same applies to urns. Here we highlight some of the amazing choices available.

Choice of Sizes

Choosing an urn after cremation comes with size options. Our quality funeral directors offer traditional and modern capacities. Urns of a standard size will contain the whole cremains of an adult. As well as this standard option, urns that contain only part of the ashes are becoming popular. In this way, more than one family member can have their loved one’s ashes as a keepsake.

Smaller sized urns are also suitable for other reasons. It could be you have experienced the tragic loss of a child or you’re memorialising a family pet, for instance. Smaller urns are just as beautifully designed as those of standard size. Bespoke urns are available to carry any particular volume of ashes.

Scatter Tubes are another popular option when choosing cremation urns. These hold a specified volume of cremains and are designed to release the ashes when their seal is broken. As with smaller sized urns, scatter tubes give the option of dividing a loved one’s ashes between family members to spread in locations that are special to the living and the deceased.

Personal Choices

As with burial coffins, urns come with a huge choice of personalised options. Especially if the deceased has expressed a preference, the type of urn chosen can befit their personality or achievements.

One of the many choices available is that of materials. Urns are made from a wide range of materials. Timber urns are becoming very popular, as they can easily be made to suit any volume of ashes. The type of timber is one choice, as well as the finish applied. Craftsman-made urns can look simple and dignified, rustic or come with marquetry inlays.

Metal urns can be made into all sorts of shapes, from geometric silver stars to golf trophies. Ceramic urns are ideal keepsakes, looking extremely dignified and can be finished with any styling of detail. Depending on the size of urn, personalised artwork or photographs can also be applied. Urns do not have to be serious or sad; personalisation is exactly that.

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