Coffins and Casket Prices

COFFIN is a traditional body shaped structure, the widest point is the shoulder tapering at the head and foot ends. The coffin can be made with (MDF) Medium Density Fibreboard, this is cost effective material and has many qualities that suit the manufacturing application. Visual designs and appealing finishes can be applied to the exterior of the coffin. Creating a customised expensive looking finish to the coffin. ie: woodgrain finish in different colours, iridescent metallic coloured finishes. MDF coffins are predominantly used for Cremation purposes.

The latest trend is personalised unique exclusive vinyl wrapped coffins, the feature of this type of application is the design is created on the computer. 

This allows a creative process that holds no bounds, ability to individualise the design to suit the character of the person whom has passed away.

This type of coffin is utilised to ‘Celebrate One’s Life.’ Allowing family input, to produce a spectacular visual masterpiece that portrays the deceased amazing life.

Coffins are still traditionally manufactured from solid wood, majority being made from plantation radiata pine, cedar and camphor laurel and sprayed to a chosen colour.

Solid wooden coffins are the preferred option for Burials, thanks to its longer lasting qualities compared to MDF.

Prices vary Depending on the choice of coffin or casket. Our prices range

from $280.00 – $7457.00  

CASKET is rectangular in appearance, remaining a constant size the entire length of the product with either a flat lid, domed lid and a split lid which is suitable for open casket viewings. The caskets are handmade and created by dedicated wood craftsman. Using the finest hand selected timbers, a high standard furniture finish, gives these caskets an elegant stately finish.

In this premium range, the highest quality satin draperies are used, internal upholstered hinged lid and adorned with quality fittings.

They are selected mostly for burials, but also for cremation when families prefer the casket shape over that of the coffin.

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