A coffin is a traditional body shaped structure, the widest point is the shoulder tapering at the head and foot ends. The coffin can be made with (MDF) Medium Density Fibreboard, this is cost effective material and has many qualities that suit the manufacturing application. Visual designs and appealing finishes can be applied to the exterior of the coffin. Creating a customised expensive looking finish to the coffin. ie: woodgrain finish in different colours, iridescent metallic coloured finishes. MDF coffins are predominantly used for Cremation purposes. Solid wooden coffins are the preferred option for Burials, thanks to its longer lasting qualities compared to MDF.

Prices vary Depending on the choice of coffin or casket. Our prices range from $280.00 – $7457.00


The latest trend in coffin design is personalised, unique and exclusive vinyl wrapped coffins. The creative design process holds no bounds in the ability to individualise the final product. It begins place on the computer, incorporating family photographs, ideas and themes, all in an attempt to create a fitting tribute to the person whom has passed. Once the creative process is approved by family, the design is printed on a laminate material. Coffins are still traditionally manufactured from solid wood, majority being made from plantation radiata pine, cedar and camphor laurel and sprayed to a chosen colour. Each unique coffin is individually created and wrapped and finally signed off, authenticating the quality control by stamping the product on the underside of the lid.


Expression Coffins offset our use of natural materials by operating our Memorial Tree Program. When you purchase one of these photo wrapped coffins, a memorial tree will be planted on your behalf. The tree will be planted by the Men of the Trees society, who are a non-profit, non-political group dedicated to the reforestation, maintenance and protection of trees in Australia. A Gentle Touch Funerals will supply you with a certificate explaining the Memorial Tree Program.

Some examples of Expression Coffins can be seen below.