Sadly, grief affects all families at different stages in their lives.

I do not believe there are two of the same that grief affects in the same way. With different symptoms of uncontrollable crying, insomnia, loss of appetite, sense of hopelessness, not coping with day to day life, emptiness, suicidal and unable to accept the death.

People close by gather around their family and friends in a time of need and try and support them as best they can. Most cases with the support and time the grieving parties heal and move on with their life. However, a few just can’t get over the unbearable loss and have that feeling they don’t want to go on.

As a part of these people’s family support group, please watch over them and call in the professional grief counsellors to assist these grieving souls. It will only take a phone call to your local hospital and you will be on the right path to helping these people.

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