Dealing With Grief

As funeral directors Gold Coast families often choose we know all about the pain of losing a loved one. Dealing with grief is a complicated issue and we recognise that the finality of death may take a while to sink in and that it is a very personal journey.


We at A Gentle Touch Funerals are here to make the grieving process as painless as possible by providing a fitting send off for the person who has passed on. We are more than just funeral directors. Here are a few guidelines on how to cope with your loss:


Give yourself time to grieve

There is no timetable for grief and this might come as a delayed reaction after all the fuss of the funeral. It’s important to let the emotions flow through you and try not to hold them in. Many people believe they shouldn’t cry or get angry when someone close to them dies.

Grief, however, is a natural and healthy part of dealing with death. Make the time and space to be alone if you’d prefer to keep your emotions private. Some find it helpful to express their feelings through writing their feelings down or by keeping a journal.


Take time off 

Consider taking time off. You may need time to grieve and process the situation without dealing with the complications of everyday life. It is advisable to take time off from work. Most bosses are more than understanding when it comes to a personal loss.

If you have children, consider arranging for someone to look after them for most of the day so that you don’t have to put on a brave face while they are around.


Cherish the memories

The person you lost may be gone, but you still have your memories of them, which will never go away. Talk about funny and memorable instances you shared with them and feel free to laugh at recollections of all humorous things they did.

Share with others how the person you have lost had a positive impact on your life and how they inspired you. Look at photographs and videos of them too – it will help the hurt more than you realise.


No regrets

Try to let go of lingering regrets. You’ll feel much more at peace with yourself if you can appreciate the good times without fixating on what could have been. Try to embrace the mistakes that you’ve made. After all, we are all human, and it’s only natural to make errors.

Banish the “what if only” from your thoughts. The person you have lost is at peace now and they would want the same for you.

A good send-off is an important first step to dealing with the grief of a loved one and as our name implies you will find us the most caring and gentle funeral directors Gold Coast has. Call us to discuss your needs in this difficult time.

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