Do We Prefer Cremation On The Gold Coast?

Statistics show that 75 per cent of all Australian funerals are cremations and in keeping with this national trend it is cremation Gold Coast families are choosing over burials.

We at The Gentle Touch are highly experienced in dealing with this and if the deceased hasn’t left specific instructions and hasn’t bought a burial plot then it’s often cremation Gold Coast and those in surrounding areas prefer.

Here are a few reasons why it’s cremation Gold Coast funeral directors are dealing with more and more:

Burial Costs

The average cost of a funeral here is $7,259, according to a 2017 survey by, a statics and price comparative website.

This figure includes both burial and cremation in Gold Coast.

A cremation costs at least $900 less than a burial and this is down to a few factors:

Grave issues

A single grave can cost anywhere from $2970 to $4,800, depending on the cemetery.

This doesn’t include labour costs for digging the grave, filling it in or its upkeep.

Another concern that has been flagged up in recent times is the danger of formaldehyde seeping into the groundwater.

This is used for embalming and if the person is buried in chipboard veneered coffin there is a risk of this formaldehyde seeping into groundwater. 

Cremation criteria

The fee for the cremation process can be under $1,000 and a niche or wall for the urn costs on average $1,500, although it costs you nothing to scatter the ashes or take them home to keep.

Flexibility factor

Cremation is more flexible by far, allowing you to choose whether to have a service at the crematorium or later with the ashes.

This can be helpful if you need more time to make arrangements or need to gather family and friends who live far away.

A lot of the families we deal with will have the service at our onsite chapel and then arrange a memorial service later for those who couldn’t attend the funeral.

Ashes are forever

Once a person is buried they won’t be nearby and you’ll only be able to feel that closeness to them if you make trips to their final resting place.

Ashes can be distributed amongst family members in keepsake urns, which we at The Gentle Touch have a selection for you to choose from.

They can be kept at home in an urn or scattered in the person’s favourite spot. We even have “outdoor” keepsake receptacles like our biodegradable turtle urns.

These are handcrafted from paper, a novel way of releasing your loved one back to nature. They’ll float in the water for a while before seeking to the floor of the ocean.

We are here to cater for all your needs be it burial or cremation.

We respect the fact that due to personal reasons such as religious traditions and can slot in with the logistics of a religious service followed by a burial, no problem at all.   

It’s The Gentle Touch for funerals and cremations Gold Coast families come to for giving their loved ones a stress free send off.

Visit our website or call us on (07) 5522 0099.

For more information about funeral costs, please see our previous post here.


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