Expression Coffins

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Expression Coffins and Urns –The Production Process

Expression and Personalised Unique urns start from a humbling beginning of hand-made individual craft wood, rectangle boxes. Two sizes are available large and small, they are purpose made to accommodate the standard size cremation ashes containers. You have the option of selecting a standard designed Expression coffin and matching urn or having input into creating a specific Personalised Unique coffin with matching urn.

We at A Gentle Touch Funerals listen to family’s needs and desired outcomes regarding the final product. The design process takes place on the computer, incorporating family photographs, ideas themes all in an attempt to individualise a fitting tribute to the person whom has passed.

Once the creative process is approved by family, the design is printed on a laminate material. Please note these coffins and urns are not mass produced, they are individually created and wrapped with hands of Australian workers who take pride in their workmanship to the extent when the finished product is completed, they sign off authenticating the quality control stamp on this product. (This is on the underside of the urn lid). Thus proud of the product they have produced.

Let us assist you to create a lasting memory of your loved one with our high quality, personalised Signature range of coffins and Urns.

Here at a Gentle Touch Funerals, we will work together with you and your family to personalise your signature design or select from one of our standard Expression coffin range.

Each artist takes great pride in their work, ensuring the finished product is stamped and signed, authenticating your design personally.

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