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Arranging a funeral is not something many people want to face after a loved one has passed. This is perfectly natural and certainly nothing to feel guilty about. Funerals are a mixture of human emotions and everyday practicalities, which require expert handling by experienced Mudgeeraba funeral directors at A Gentle Touch Funerals. While the help of family and friends is always welcome, all funeral arrangements can be made easier with our professional help. With an experienced, family funeral arranger taking care of the deceased and bereaved, including yourself, is much less daunting.

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Arranging a funeral is a process that is better started as soon as possible and can’t be put off. By engaging friendly, compassionate and professional funeral directors early, you can help begin the grieving process. However distressing the circumstances, an experienced funeral director understands the sensitivity that is required for this solemn occasion. This itself is comforting and is an important part of the healing process.

Your earliest consultations will address a number of essential questions. Among these are the checklist of every legal detail that needs to be dealt with. As with the rest of the funeral arrangements, these are best done step by step. Your local funeral directors will offer a suitable timetable to help you start the planning for the upcoming funeral.

One of the first questions to be answered is whether to have a burial or cremation. If the deceased has made their wishes known, this will obviously be easier. Even so, there may be cost issued involved if not enough provision is available. After these details are resolved, you have cleared a major hurdle.


One important part of arranging a funeral is communicating with guests. This includes issuing notices via the right channels as well as thinking about a eulogy. A good funeral director will help you with all of this to help you say what you want.

If the deceased has a social media presence, this will have to be addressed appropriately. Also, you may need to get in touch with people around the world.

Funeral speeches and eulogies can also be challenging. With the help of your funeral arranger, you can decide who you would like to say what, if anything. As every funeral is different, you may choose to leave this to the person conducting the service. Again, your Gold Coast funeral director will help you make the appropriate arrangements.

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