Funeral Customisation Ideas

A funeral is an occasion to celebrate your loved one’s life and remember them in a special way. It can be tough to arrange a funeral when you are grieving but sharing ideas with your Gold Coast funeral director can help not only send off your loved one in the right way, it can help heal the grieving process. If you have children and grandchildren, you may choose to release the burden of arranging a funeral from your family. Many people are deciding to have a pre-arranged funeral, which not only reduces stress for your loved ones it ensure your funeral will be completely unique to you and exactly as you’d want it.

Memorial Ideas

Some people are choosing out-of-the-box memorial ideas. For example, if you like to run, you could choose to arrange a memorial walk on your favourite circuit. If you’re a swimmer who loved water you could choose floating lanterns inscribed with tributes. With these custom memorial services, your funeral director will help to make it as special and meaningful as possible.

Photo Displays

To pay real tribute, many people are choosing to display a wide range of photos over the deceased’s lifetime, which tell their life story through the use of pictures. Some people find that it helps their journey of recovery from the loss by viewing photographs of cherished memories, lifetime highlights and achievements, displayed in a pleasing way. You could choose to have a framed collage on display, a table filled with photos and significant items, an artistic, clothespin-style photo board, or an elegant wreath with framed photographs, along with many more ideas. If you think of something outside the box, feel free to share your thoughts with your Gold Coast funeral director.

Sharing Memories

It’s not uncommon to have a book on display, in which everyone who attends can write their name as a keepsake for family to remember who attended the funeral. Why not go a step further and offer a place where guests can share an important memory or significant note about your loved one? This makes guests feel much more involved and able to release some emotions. Some suggestions for memory sharing are to write a memory on a stone and place it in a vase for the family, a memory tree on which guests can write on a card then pin it to a tree on display, or a memory jar so guests can write something on paper then place it in the jar for the family to read later on.

Personalised Floral Spray

Florists work very closely with funeral directors to create the perfect floral spray for the funeral of your loved one. Many people find the smell and vision of flowers comforting and peaceful and they are a symbol of mourning and sympathy. If you are planning to have a pre-arranged funeral, you can work closely with a florist to create a floral display you are happy with. Customised floral sprays may incorporate your loved one’s hobbies and passions, such as an arrangement in the shape of a violin or a wheel of flowers for a person who had a passion for cycling. Perhaps choose a theme, such as cowboy, fantasy or nature.

For More Ideas

If you’re interested in injecting some personal ideas into a loved ones funeral, or are looking to organise your own pre-arranged funeral, visit A Gentle Touch Funerals website or call us on (07) 5522 0099. We provide personalised, custom ideas and can work closely with you to provide a special funeral service.

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