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Why have a Funeral Service?

A funeral service is the customary way to recognise death and allows us to honour and show respect for the dead, as well as help those left behind begin the process of grief recovery. Arranging a funeral can seem daunting, especially if you are dealing with the shock of an unexpected death. It’s not always easy to know what to do next.

When a loved one dies, we often see that people want to get on with funeral planning as quickly as possible; they want closure and think that the pain will go away once the funeral has been held. It is true that funerals can be emotionally difficult, but a good funeral will provide the opportunity to share memories, gather support and put loved ones on the path to recovery.

Although families may be hesitant to choose a funeral service that means coming together, we often find it is this which people benefit from most. The funeral ceremony helps to publicly acknowledge the reality of the death and when shared with friends and family, it encourages the expression of grief. This experience actually helps to begin a healthy mourning process.

Should you decide to pre-plan your funeral, it is important to plan the details of the type of service that best suits you. It is wise at this point to understand that while the funeral is about you, it is not for you. It is for those you are leaving behind, and taking some time to consult with them can be helpful.

After a death occurs, there are statutory forms to fill out. These can be done at the funeral arrangement, or they can be done at h0me at your convenience and either brought to the arrangement, or emailed to us using the link below.

Personalising the service

There are many ways to personalise a funeral service so that it reflects the personal traits and achievements of the person who has passed. A funeral service whether it be cremation or burial provides family the opportunity to select a suitable themed service.

Giving family input into the themed design and creation of a personalised coffin, to best represent the lifestyle of the deceased. The selected coffin can have, a matching cremation urn if desired.  The themed design can be created from coffin, urn, memorial cards, personalised candle, recording of the actual service, DVD photo presentation, memorial book and music.

The opportunity for personal belongings to be placed in and around the coffin, will create an overall individual display. Providing, a personalisation effect to the ‘Celebration of One’s Life‘. Including all their achievements and accolades for future generations. Memorabilia, whether it is photos, awards, personal achievements, clothing, hats, work tools or artwork. When placed in the appropriate position speaks many words.

writING a Eulogy

The deliverance of a eulogy speech by family and friends at the funeral or memorial service, is a fitting tribute to your loved one, and celebration of their life. This part of the service is where individuals are able to be speak about the person who has passed away. It is a way of telling all and sharing life experiences, filling in the missing parts of one’s life encounters.

Writing a eulogy for someone can be intimidating, daunting and generally a difficult task. Our tip to you is write it straight from the heart. Look at old photos, memorabilia, read through old letters ask questions of others.

The following facts can be included in your eulogy:

  • Place of birth
  • Parents and siblings
  • Significant relationships, marriages, divorces, children & grandchildren.
  • Areas where the family lived whilst growing up
  • Schools attended, academic achievements and trades
  • Nicknames
  • Jobs and workplace achievements
  • Favourite pet
  • Sporting achievements, club memberships
  • Sporting teams followed
  • Details of hobbies, interests, places travelled
  • Identify the qualities that characterise the person we remember e.g. Work ethic, love of family, humour, honesty, generosity and contribution to the community
  • Ask family and friends for any humorous or memorable stories that come to mind



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