Offering respected and personalised Funeral Services on the Gold Coast and other areas as required.

A Gentle Touch Funerals is a family company, well renowned for offering families a commitment to provide compassionate care and support to all.

Our dedicated staff members have the expertise in assisting and guiding families with the funeral arrangements. To ensure the service reflects the family’s requirements and paying the ultimate tribute to their loved one.

Working side by side with family members, ensures family input into the structure of the service, as well as adhering to the legislative requirements.

Adding the personalised touch to each funeral service, makes it their service and all about the individual, so their legacy can live on.

Being a respected member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association, which is widely recognised as the authoritative voice on all funeral matters.

The key objective is to optimise the Funeral Experience and to ensure quality delivery of service to the community and promoting professional funeral standards Australia wide.

Making A Gentle Touch Funerals expertly aware of legislation and standard requirements, ensuring the Professional standards are adhered to.

Our website is user friendly and structured to alleviate the unknown about arranging a funeral, answering frequently asked questions. Allowing you to view our premises, The Federation Chapel, staff portfolios, coffins, urns and flowers giving you an insight into our Company structure and services provided by A Gentle Touch Funerals.

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Why You Should Choose Our Compassionate Team

A Gentle Touch Funerals is an Australian family-run business that takes a personalised and empathetic approach to every funeral. We believe that your loved one deserves a service as unique as their life, which is why we work closely with families to capture the essence of the deceased.

We are also dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout the entire process. We understand that planning a funeral is one of the most difficult periods that anyone will go through, which is why we try to make it as straightforward as possible.

You can trust our compassionate team to handle your case with the utmost respect at all times thanks to our high levels of training and experience. We are with you every step of the way and will address any questions or concerns you may have. To get a feeling for the things we offer, we allow families to come and visit our premises and chapel beforehand and view our range of coffins, urns and flowers.

We adhere to all legislation and professional quality standards for Australian funerals on the Gold Coast. You can speak with a member of our team today at +61 7 5522 0099 to learn more.

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Types Of Funeral Services Available On The Gold Coast

At A Gentle Touch Funerals, we are extremely proud to be able to offer our clients a tailored range of funeral services to suit their loved ones’ wishes. Our Federation Chapel in Mudgeeraba is a gorgeous venue for traditional services, while our Rainforest Chapel on Springbrook Road can be used for unique outdoor services within a peaceful green landscape. We can also help you to find a different location that is a perfect match for your loved one if necessary.

We will help you to craft a funeral that reflects the life of the deceased with our creativity and expertise, no matter how traditional or unique. Just tell us about the interests and personality of your loved one and we will work hard to create a service that they would love.

No matter your faith, religion or cultural requirements, we can cater to all traditions and requirements. We can provide the support needed for either burial or cremation and we are also able to facilitate eco-friendly funerals which limit the impact on the environment.

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What Is Included In A Funeral Service?

Rest assured our funeral services can be tailored to your specific requirements, so this largely depends on what you want.

We can help you to plan the entire proceedings, including who will speak at the funeral, what decorative items, photos and flowers you would like, and what music you might wish to be played. If needed, we’ll find a suitable celebrant to officiate the service, taking into account any religious or cultural traditions.

We’ll even help you to choose a suitable coffin and we can even help you to design a unique one if you wish to match the personality of the deceased. If required, we’ll also provide a matching urn.

Traditionally, once the service is finished, there is a cortege of the hearse, family and friends as they make their way to the burial (if burial is chosen). However, if you don’t wish to have a traditional burial, we are able to help with any preferences, whether you would like a graveside service, a direct cremation or an eco-friendly burial. We are here to help you make decisions if necessary and put the correct plans in place.

A funeral service is usually followed by a wake and we have venues available for this too.

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Do I Have To Organise A Funeral Service? Are There Other Options?

You certainly don’t have to opt for a traditional funeral service if this doesn’t match your beliefs or suit your loved one’s wishes. We are happy to work alongside you to create a farewell that is unique and dedicated to their life and personality.

Whether you opt for cremation or burial, there are many options available that we can talk you through to help make the service special. You may have a unique location in mind that would be the perfect place to pay your respects or you might need help locating somewhere – we can support you either way.

Your loved one may have even told you before their passing that they didn’t want a funeral service at all. If this is the case, we can organise a direction cremation, where your loved one will go straight to the crematorium. Once you have their ashes, however, you may decide to hold a memorial for them, which we can also help to arrange

Whether the service will take place outdoors, at a particular chapel or church, or at one of our venues, our staff are experts when it comes to crafting a funeral that helps you to celebrate the life of the deceased.

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