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Organising a funeral service and deciding on all of the elements can be a very confusing process at an already difficult time. Because of this we have detailed your options regarding cremation services on the Gold Coast available with our assistance. Feel free to read on and get in touch with our compassionate team if you would like to discuss your options in further detail.

Direct Cremation

When it is decided that there will not be a service or any individuals attending either the cremation or a memorial, this is usually referred to as a direct cremation.

This is becoming a popular option over time with some professionals in the industry choosing to focus on this service alone. It is the most affordable way to move through the process if finances are a concern. No Service Cremation is an option that we can discuss with you in further detail please contact us.

A cremation urn at a funeral service on the Gold Coast

Memorial Service

Memorial services are more commonly held before cremation as a celebration of their life. If the cremation has been carried out before the service, the ashes would be present in most cases.

This can be arranged at any venue on the Gold Coast. Our Federation Chapel is a great option for your service as well.  Having a memorial service gives closure to family and friends and can be planned for a date in advance to suit all and allow time for interstate or international family to arrive and attend.

Traditional Funeral Service

This is popular for many families who would rather ceremonies take place at their church, a chapel, or crematorium chapel. Depending on where the family choose to have the service the following order may take place.

After a Church Service, the hearse will proceed to the Crematorium, leaving family at the church to mingle and catch up with family and friends.

After a chapel service at a Crematorium Chapel, once family have departed to attend a wake the cremation will take place.

After the cremation process is completed, depending on family’s request, ashes can be returned within a 24 hour to 72hour timeframe.

Whatever venue and size of service you choose, our compassionate and caring staff will guide you every step of the way, during the funeral arrangement process as well as on the day of the service.

Timber urns

Cremations FAQs

Traditionally, yes. On most occasions, the cremation is usually carried out within 24 hours, or even directly after finishing the service, depending on your preferences. If you responsible for organising proceedings, then you will have the final decision on how you want to do this.

You could go with different companies for the cremation and service, or you could ease the burden by letting a funeral director organise and assist with all proceedings. This ensures that everything is arranged by us to your needs.

As a general rule, cremations are less expensive than burials, with burials costing thousands of dollars more than cremations in most cases. This is usually because burials come with additional costs like interment, gravestones and the ongoing maintenance of the burial site. If burial is your preference, you or your loved ones may decide to put some savings aside to cover all of these fees. Another cost to consider is the coffin itself, which is usually required for a cremation service as well.

The average price of a burial is around $9,000, whereas cremations only cost around $3000. Because of this, make sure you get a breakdown of costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for you can view our prices online.

After the committal ceremony, the coffin will usually be cremated which is why all coffins must be made from a material that can be cremated. Bamboo, willow and banana leaf coffins are now becoming increasingly popular. Alternatively, you can opt for a traditional wooden style.

A no-service cremation typically means no mourners are present. Unlike funeral ceremonies in the traditional sense, there are also no flowers, cars, processions or viewing of the deceased.

Someone might choose this option because they don’t want a service at all or because the funeral was held elsewhere.

No-service cremations are also a more affordable option if this is the main concern.

This largely depends on your wishes, but an ideal budget is usually between $2000 to $5000. If you would like a service and a wake, then you’ll want to set aside slightly more, especially when you factor in flowers, the coffin and the hire of the crematorium, for example. You may also want to factor in catering.

While not everyone wants to be buried, some families find it difficult not to have a site to visit. In these cases, families may find a space where they can reflect on the loss of their loved one and the happy times they shared together.

There will usually be benches for visitors to sit on, so you have the freedom to stay as long as you need to. Special plants and trees may also be located in a Garden of Remembrance. Speak to a member of our team today to find out where your closest one is.

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