Arranging the Ceremony

The support provided to the family, by members of Pacific Family Funerals and A Gentle Touch Funerals, provides them with confidence and reassurance that we have great compassion, to their family’s needs and a broad understanding of their Maori Culture.

We begin with attending the family home and seek direction from them as to their specific needs and cultural requirements. The funeral is organised in accordance with specific Hawaiki traditions.

If required our companies are able to loan family’s ceremonial carvings to adorn the casket if required.

We are appraised and competent of being in the position to liaise and arrange with family, international airlines and overseas funeral directors to be able to repatriate the deceased person back to their homeland in a respectful and timely manner.

By working with family and understanding their needs we are here to honour their loved ones in a traditional, culturally and dignified way.

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07 55220099 and be reassured, we are the most suitable funeral company to look after your loved one and their funeral needs.

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