Moko Tribute

A Gentle Touch Funerals - Lewis Cambell

24th April 1947 – 29th October 2011

The Eulogy of the Ta-o-Maui

Ngapuhi subtribe of Hokianga. N.Z.

Coined by Henare Rapaere Karu Kamira. 1948

Spoken upon the Maori warriors &

their soldiers of the two World Wars that died.

So, that You shall not be permitted to fade from my

memory, these mountains which have stood in awe of

your existence has recorded your life & has cast

your shadow upon this earth which bear your footsteps.

These rivers that run from them like your wisdom has

quenched my thirst as they ambled their way to the

sea. These rivers have spoken your words and shall

never,… never run dry, for the murmur of the ocean

tides have remembered the sound of your voice.

Your breath are the breezes that blow scent, has

become fragrant upon my breath. They sway the

trees in the motion of your dance and in the rain, that

fall gentle, shall your tears be spilt upon my face. And

though the winds of change may blow your sails beyond

the horizons of time, in the Spirits of our Nature only,

shall you visit the parapit of my dreams from where-ever

great battles have claimed you. And all these things shall

always remain to remind me, of you.

So sleep the long sleep in the dream-place of our

Ancestors Paradise, and there, I shall see you, tomorrow.

So farewell my brother, you food of my heart, and of much,

that I am, Farewell my prized friend.

There are no tears for you, but, for me…

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