H.A.L.O Feathers

H.A.L.O Feathers allow you an opportunity to openly honour and remember that lost someone whilst raising funds for a worthwhile charity. Every funeral service we conduct, the family will be given a H.A.L.O feather as a keepsake. A Gentle Touch Funerals will then make a donation to the Heart Foundation in your loved one’s honour. 

Attach the feather to your heart, hat, bag, fridge or mirror etc. The idea is to use it in a way that will act as a reminder of the love you feel for your lost loved one. It also serves to inspire how you might choose to live the rest of your life in their honour.

Not suitable for those who wear a pacemaker.


Many of us know what it is like to lose someone. By wearing this feather, you are honouring and celebrating their life whilst supporting a worthwhile charity. It also serves as a poignant reminder of how they would have wanted you to live until you meet again. 

Each H.A.L.O feather is 9cm in length and beautifully packaged in it’s own individual box.

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