Have You Considered a Custom Coffin?

Our custom coffins allow you the opportunity to plan a highly personal funeral that reflects your loved one’s passions and celebrates their life.

Times have changed in so many ways. As funerals have become more personal, so have the kinds of coffin we’re being laid to rest in. 

If you want your loved one’s funeral to be truly unique with that personal touch, you can choose from our wide range of picture or themed coffins. This way you are guaranteed the funeral is as unique as they are.


Surf’s Up

If their life revolved around which way the wind was blowing and “life’s a beach” would literally explain their lifestyle.

Our beautifully crafted Snapper Rocks coffin could be a consideration. Your loved one is a champion in your eyes and so this coffin is fitting because Gold Coast’s Snapper Rocks have played host to the Roxy Pro Surfing Championships.   


Gone Fishing

Our Lonesome Fisherman is ideal for the avid angler who spent many hours enhancing their lives in the midst of the breathtaking beauty of Australia’s beaches and sea.


Back to my roots

Indigenous Australia: Our intricately decorated Australian aboriginal coffin pays tribute to Papuyna art with its multi coloured dots. This art form has played an important part in Indigenous Australian ceremonies such as funerals.

Native American: Our coffin at the moment doesn’t display any specific tribe, however, we are happy to create individual tribe custom coffins or incorporate photos. 


Café society

Did your loved one enjoy a cappuccino and regularly met up with friends and family for a good chinwag then our  “cappuccino cup coffin” would be ideal. The image is of a cup of frothy barista-style coffee.  


Footy fan

The rugby coffin is the perfect tribute to your loved one’s love of the game. We have coffins depicting a plethora of rugby teams around Australia. There’s Canberra Raiders, Canterbury Bulldogs, Brisbane Broncos just to name a few.


Down to a tee

If your love one was golf crazy and spent a good portion of their leisure time on the course then we have a coffin conveying just that. It depicts a golfer taking a swing.


Making music

Strumming a tune on the guitar, tinkling the ivories or playing the sax we have an appropriate coffin for your loved one. If you want a highly bespoke design we can create a custom coffin just for you.


Flower power

If your loved one was a real flower fan then we have some pretty coffins such as the exquisite tropical frangipani or the stand-alone handsome gerbera. We also have red, white and pink rose blossom coffins.

You can order our stunning custom coffins online or call us on 07 5522 0099 to organise your purchase.

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