How to Arrange an Unforgettable Funeral

Losing a family member is a difficult enough experience without having to arrange their funeral as well as suffering the loss. Choosing the right Gold Coast funeral arrangements and services isn’t easy when you’re grieving and you may make hasty decisions based on the fact you just want it over-with or you’re too overwhelmed to make an informed choice. The experienced team at A Gentle Touch Funerals has dealt with many families with sensitivity and respect. They understand how difficult this time can be and will therefore work hard to accomplish all your needs, without pushing you to make rushed decisions.


While it might seem like money should be no object when it comes to laying your loved ones to rest, you will have to make some decisions based on budget. You might be offered a pre-payment plan with your funeral director or even insurance to help cover the costs. It’s recommended to have a plan and understand how much of the budget will go into each element of the service. To help you with your budget your Gold Coast funeral director will know how much the expenses are likely to be and will be able to guide you through the process.

Burial or Cremation

We understand how difficult it can be to make this decision, yet you should think about what your family member would want. This is where you can come to a decision as a family as to what would be the best option for your loved one’s parting service.

Order of Service

As a family you can decide this important element of the funeral. This is where you can choose the funeral arrangements to be a reflection of what your loved one wanted and tailor it to share and reflect on memories. You have the ability to tailor the order of service to what your love one would have wanted it to be, along with any special additions from your family and yourself. For more information and suggestions, your funeral director can help you with planning if you need support and guidance.


For personal and traditional funeral arrangements, you will need to choose the flowers. There are so many styles of flowers and decorations to choose from, from spelling out your loved one’s name to what flowers you might want to put on the casket or throw into the grave if you’re having a burial. The funeral directors at A Gentle Touch Funerals has plenty of experience dealing with florists and flower arrangements and can recommend some good choices for you.

Organising the Wake

This is where you experience a more relaxed atmosphere after an emotional funeral service. This can be invite only, or not; that’s up to you. Locations like pubs or social clubs, where there’s room to move around, are great places to hold a wake. Depending on the number of guests, you will need enough space to make speeches and somewhere for the guest book, where people can write treasured thoughts in memory of your loved one. Ideally, the location is all about coming together and celebrating the life of your loved one, so somewhere close, easy and comfortable where you can organise food and beverages is your best bet.

Arrange a Funeral

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