How To Plan A Funeral On The Gold Coast

For many people, death isn’t something that they like to think about. This makes sense when you are living life and completely healthy, but sometimes being completely unprepared for ‘the end’ can have the negative effect of leaving everything up in the air when the time finally does arrive. Planning a funeral isn’t exactly at the top of anybody’s fun list, but it is something that we all have to do at some point in life, whether for ourselves or for someone that we love. Here at A Gentle Touch Funerals, we specialise in arranging and providing funerals on the Gold Coast with great respect and sensitivity. Here are some top tips for how to plan a funeral.


  • The first step is to make all of the ‘first’ and necessary calls. This includes both close and extended family, and also the funeral planning service that you have decided to put your faith and trust in.


  • Once conversations with the funeral planners have begun, all of the small details that come together to make up a service start becoming the main focus. These include things like choosing a casket, picking a type and size of transportation and arranging the format and information that is going to be included on the order of service pamphlets.


  • The next step is to put into place the actual content of the funeral service itself. Do you want it to be religious or not? What songs do you want to be included? Are there any poems that you want to be read aloud? This is the stage in which you will make final decisions about all of those elements.


  • Lastly, you need to make a decision about cemetery arrangements. If a cremation is planned, then this might not be so necessary, but when it comes to burials, there can often be a lot of back and forth trying to secure a plot if one hasn’t previously been arranged.


So, when the time comes for you to need assistance with funerals on the Gold Coast, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are committed to providing a friendly and compassionate service that respects just how delicate a time this can be for people. We deal with all of the small, annoying admin and details so that you don’t have to during a tough and testing time. Call us on 07 55220099

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