Importance Of A Funeral Service

Funeral With Garden Theme In Gold Coast

A general belief of some families, when it comes to the decision of a funeral service for their elderly loved ones the usual remarks are – they have out lived their friends, family are widespread and the decision not to have a funeral was theirs.

A number of things should be considered so the appropriate closure can be obtained and the recognition of a life well lived, is duly acknowledged.

A funeral service allows family members to gather, reconnect with long lost relatives and friends.
A time to reflect on the treasured memories of their loved one.

It provides an opportunity for input from many of the family members. To reminisce on the good, the quirky and also gain new memories that they were not aware of.

This will help recreate the personal traits and achievements of the person who has passed, for memories to be passed onto the future generations.

A funeral service whether it be cremation or burial provides family the opportunity to select a suitable themed service. Giving family input into the themed design and creation of a personalised coffin, to best represent the lifestyle of the deceased.

The selected coffin can have, a matching cremation urn if desired.  

The themed design can be created from coffin, urn, memorial cards, personalised candle, recording of the actual service, DVD photo presentation, memorial book and music.

The opportunity for personal belongings to be placed in and around the coffin, will create an overall individual display. Providing, a personalisation effect to the ‘Celebration of One’s Life‘. Including all their achievements and accolades for future generations.

Memorabilia, whether it is photos, awards, personal achievements, clothing, hats, work tools or artwork.

When placed in the appropriate position speaks many words.

The smiles on the congregations faces during a photo slide show, the choice of music and the eulogy is a time to reflect on a life well lived and worthy of ‘Celebration’. So many of the deceased’s traits, whether it is appearance, habits, you will find some of these have been passed onto other younger family members and so they live on.

A co-ordinated theme within a funeral service has many contributing factors that all come together to ‘Celebrate the Life.’


Many options and choices are available to family’s when the time comes to choose a coffin, that reflects the personality of the deceased. From traditional wooden coffins and caskets to the Unique Personalised coffins which family can contribute photos and ideas allowing their input into the desired design, that is best suited to their loved one.


The trend with funerals these days is to try and make the service theirs and theirs alone. It allows family to lighten

the aurora around the service. Obviously, this can be created by selecting a theme as a backdrop for the service that the family believe is suited to their loved one.  By adding personal items on and within close proximity to the coffin, whilst the service is taking place.

Garden Funeral Display in Gold Coast
Memorial Cards With Garden Theme In Gold Coast
Hat In A Wooden Crate Funeral Display
Crochet Yarn and Tea Cup Funeral Display
Funeral Picture Frame In Gold Coast
Australian Gardening Book Funeral Display
Funeral Bouquet of Flowers In Gold Coast


Are an expression, of making people feel loved, adding a soft touch and providing a calming influence, to those attending the service. Nature is capable of producing a magnificent display and variety of flowers, in assorted colours and perfumes. Many choices are available to family and can be selected as to what they deem appropriate.

Funeral Bouquet In Gold Coast
Colorful Funeral Bouquet
Funeral Portraits With Garden Theme

Photo Frame

A selected photo in a frame, that sits on the coffin during the service. This choice of photo usually is one that best captures, the likeness and leaves the congregation with memories and an everlasting pleasant vision.


Memorial Book

In the event the funeral is very large, sadly due to grief and confusion not all family members become aware of who has actually attended the service.

By having a memorial book for people to sign, allows the funeral director to encourage all attendees to sign the book. At a later date the family can peruse the signatures within the book and if need be contact the signatory’s, and reconnect with their family and friends if they wish.

Personalised Candle

 The lighting of a candle at the start of the service provides a tribute to the deceased. It offers people in the congregation a symbolic point to focus on whilst the service is taking place. The flickering of the lit candle can speak many things to different people. At the end of the service the candle is then extinguished.

Photo Presentation

This is a wonderful way for all family members to contribute photos, videos and momentous events to be incorporated into a photo presentation, to ‘Celebrate the Life Well Lived.’

It can showcase different parts of one’s life and family have the ability to make copies for all who want them.

It showcases the full life of the deceased from a tender young age through to elderly person.


The universal language is music, and there is music for everyone and suited for many occasions. Your selection of relevant tunes for the funeral service is the opportunity to tell the story. Well selected songs are worth a thousand words, and can pay the ultimate tribute to your loved one.

Recording of Service

When a funeral service is recorded it allows family, whom due to distance, age or illness were unable to attend the actual Funeral Service. The service is recorded on a USB and given to family which allows them to share with others. Hopefully, it allows those family members to gain closure after viewing the recording and not to make them feel excluded from the funeral proceedings. Electronic recording devices can certainly bring family’s together during this sad time.


Allows family and friends the opportunity to publically convey to the congregation thoughts, storeys and fond memories of the person who has passed. When selecting speakers, ensure you have speakers to cover young and schooling, middle age working and when elderly.

Words spoken straight from the heart is the ultimate fitting tribute that anyone can say about another human being.



This provides family and friends the opportunity to catch up with one and other in a more relaxed atmosphere. Being able to reminisce and support each other, allowing all to reconnect, and hopefully stay in touch with each other for many years to come.

Cremation Urn

Because of today’s transient society, cremation urns are a popular and cost effective, option for family’s to keep the ashes of their loved one. There are the traditional shaped urns in varying designs and colours, crystal urns that become a feature piece within the family home, blending with the decor. The Unique Personalised urn is another option to be considered. Especially if it matches your chosen Unique coffin.

Cremation Jewellery

This is an option for family’s  to consider, specifically designed cremation jewellery. Available in stainless steel, silver and varying options of gold. This allows for a nominal amount of cremation ash to be housed within the jewellery item and worn close to one’s heart at all times.

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