Items in Coffins that Should be Avoided

Modern funerals have come a long way in terms of choice. They are often used as a chance to celebrate a person’s life, rather than mark their passing. Expressions of individuality are welcome at today’s funerals, including choice of coffin. As well as people making their own choices known in life, those attending their funeral also like to contribute. Unfortunately, this can have unforeseen consequences. As providers of funerals and coffins that Brisbane people come to, A Gentle Touch Funerals would like to offer some advice. There are certain things that should not be put in coffins for cremation.

Personal Statements

Close friends and family sometimes like to add items into coffins to say a final farewell. These will often be things the deceased used a lot or wore frequently. As cremators are confined spaces subject to extremely high temperatures, depending on the item, this seemingly innocent act can potentially be quite dangerous.

Bearing in mind that crematoriums are regulated by law, there are health and safety issues to consider. Not only that, emissions from cremation are tightly controlled. Apart from anything else, cemeteries are places of rest, which many people consider sacrosanct. All cremations should be carried out with respect and dignity.

Dangerous Articles

While we supply bespoke coffins in Brisbane, there are things we do not welcome inside them. The deceased will be dressed appropriately, for instance. There have been occasions when friends or family of bikers have wanted the deceased cremated in their leathers. This is not only dangerous due to the heavy leather jackets and belt buckles, it is illegal.

With modern technology everywhere, funeral goers sometimes like to place tech items with the deceased. Whether this is in the pocket of a suit or somewhere within the coffin, it is a highly dangerous practice. Do not place items such as e cigarettes, mobile phones or TV remotes in coffins. Batteries and compressed liquids will explode during cremation.

Other items that should be avoided are food and drink. There have been cases where friends have put bottles of alcohol in coffins for cremation. Not only does alcohol burn readily, heating it up in glass bottles will make it explode during cremation.

Similarly, food items can be dangerous if put in coffins. A particularly dangerous food is coconut. If put in a coffin, the extremely strong shell holds expanding gas until the nut explodes with great force. The shell itself then becomes fragmented and completely lethal during the explosion.

It may seem like common sense, but it pays to think about what you want to be in the coffin with the deceased.

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Our Brisbane funeral directors at A Gentle Touch Funerals encourage individuality for services and coffins in Brisbane. However, we thoroughly recommend being sensible with what you want to cremate with your loved one. For more information about our services, visit our website at or call us on (07)55220099.

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