Let’s Get Personal

A Gentle Touch Funerals manager, Mark Hobson has created a distinctive and personalized product through his unique genius and innovation.

‘Let’s Get Personal’ is about using your photos, videos and home movies to exemplify the life of your loved one.

You as the family and friends, choose special photos and/or videos which Mark then fashions together to produce a vinyl wrap.

Your choices of photo’s and videos are as individual and as intimate as you want, but still symbolize the character of your loved one.

‘Lets Get Personal’ uses a Coffin and Urn that is wrapped in your chosen images and is personally stamped by the craftsman who assembles the wrap. These customized products are ‘one offs’, making them characteristic and distinctive.

We are able to procure still photos and videos from your own home movies and super 8 films.

The following depictions are from an actual home movie of a loving couple through their life together. Mr and Mrs Wagner is a fictitious couple and their life story has been fabricated from photo’s and home movies.

Mr and Mrs Wagner’s story was acquired through different screen shots using sepia and colour photography. It takes you through their courtship, wedding, caravanning holidays and their love of dance.

Through Mark’s creative ingenuity and his attention to detail, each distinctive wrapped Coffin and Urn will be a focal point of discussion, and only limited to your imagination.

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