Memorial Star

Everyone knows that losing a loved one is difficult and we each cope with grief in our own way.  Whether your loved one has lived for a long time or has passed early on, it is natural to want to find a special way of commemorating them.

Here at A Gentle Touch Funerals, we understand that, while your loved one may no longer be here on earth, their memory will live on in the hearts of those they touched during their lifetime.

Each loved one we look after is special and so, as our gift to you, we have named a star in their honour to give the lasting memory of being able to look at the night sky and know your loved one is shining down upon you.

Yours in memory

Mark Hobson

What Is Included With The Memorial Star

A professionally printed certificate.

The Star Atlas Map.

The Star Atlas Explained.

5 Page Constellation Explained Brochure. 

6 Page Our Universe Factsheet Brochure. 

How To View Your Special Star Through The Find My Star Mobile App

Step One

First click on the star image below, this will take you to the Star Registry website. 

Step Two

Once you are in the Star Registry Website click on the three lines as shown in red.

Step Three

Click on the Star Register App as shown in red.

Step Four

At the very bottom of the page click either Google Play if you have an android phone or App Store if you have an iPhone. Then install the App (don’t worry it’s FREE)

Step Five

Once you have downloaded the App simply click SHOW ALL STARS at the bottom of the page, as shown in red.

Step Six

Click on the SEARCH BY REFERENCE NUMBER as shown in red.

Step Seven

Simply type in the reference number found on top of the STAR NAME DEED certificate.

Step Eight

This will now bring up the name of your special Memorial Star that is a forever record within The Star Registry database. Simply click on the name of the star shown in red. 

Step Nine

Click any one of the four names and this will show you your special star in different viewing platforms.

       Star Image

       Google Sky

    NASA Sky View

         ESO Archive

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