How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Paying for a funeral is not cheap. As one of the practicalities of the modern world, this has to be faced. If you are in this position, you may have heard horror stories about just how expensive funerals are. In fact, although all funeral arrangements incur a cost, how high this is varies quite considerably.

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What to Do after the Death of Someone Close to You

Having to deal with the death of someone close to you is one of the hardest things to face. Especially in the case of a sudden death, funeral arrangements might be the last thing on your mind. In fact, there are procedures in place which are easy to follow and help available if you need

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How to Arrange an Unforgettable Funeral

Losing a family member is a difficult enough experience without having to arrange their funeral as well as suffering the loss. Choosing the right Gold Coast funeral arrangements and services isn’t easy when you’re grieving and you may make hasty decisions based on the fact you just want it over-with or you’re too overwhelmed to

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Funeral Customisation Ideas

A funeral is an occasion to celebrate your loved one’s life and remember them in a special way. It can be tough to arrange a funeral when you are grieving but sharing ideas with your Gold Coast funeral director can help not only send off your loved one in the right way, it can help

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Why You Should Think About Pre-arranging Your Funeral

Losing a family member is a traumatic and distressing experience, yet everyone copes with death in different ways. Trying to organise and pay for a funeral can often add to the stress of the tragedy and is usually the worst time to try to make decisions. Therefore, having a pre-arranged funeral helps take care of

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Items in Coffins that Should be Avoided

Modern funerals have come a long way in terms of choice. They are often used as a chance to celebrate a person’s life, rather than mark their passing. Expressions of individuality are welcome at today’s funerals, including choice of coffin. As well as people making their own choices known in life, those attending their funeral

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