Organising a Funeral with a Funeral Director

Organising a funeral is an overwhelming process. To help you navigate this emotional time, a Gold Coast funeral director can guide you through the process.

If you would like to give your loved one the respectful, dignified send-off they deserve, simply call or email the funeral directors at A Gentle Touch Funerals today.

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Guide you through the process

If the funeral isn’t pre-planned, a funeral director will guide you through every step. Whether large or small, they’ll assist you in making all practical decisions, including:

• Choosing burial or cremation
• Time and day for service
• Where the service should be held – i.e. in the park, on the beach, inside a church, etc.
• Who will lead the service – i.e. a celebrant, minister, family member or friend

Your funeral director will walk you through these arrangements. They ensure every choice is made with your loved one’s wishes in mind. And, depending on whether you’ve chosen cremation or burial, they’ll coordinate with a memorial park or cemetery.


Handle the logistics

When a friend or family member dies, there are many smaller details to take care of. Your funeral director will handle these tasks on your behalf. Some of the standard services include:

• Registration of death with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
• Transferring the deceased to a funeral home
• Collecting the medical certificate and registration of death.

If you wish, they can also help with:

• Making arrangements for the chapel, church or venue you choose
• Liaising with your preferred crematoria or cemetery
• Consulting with your clergy or celebrant
• Helping you write a eulogy
• Supplying a hearse or other vehicles
• Arranging flowers, music, photos and more
• Recording or live streaming the service, among other services.


Manage the service

Some people elect to pre-plan their funeral. If you have done this, your funeral director will ensure the service is conducted according to the deceased’s wishes.

If not, they discuss all requirements with you, helping you plan every last detail. In essence, it’s their job to make sure every detail is organised according to your needs.


Personalise the ceremony

To truly celebrate your loved one’s life, you can opt for a personalised service. It should reflect their likes, dislikes and unique life.

To achieve this, your funeral director will ask questions about their favourite music, hobbies, books and more. With this information, they will help you plan and organise a truly unique ceremony.

As a true reflection of your loved one, the personalised service will be extremely meaningful for family and friends.


Organise the wake

Many people choose to hold a wake after the main service. This gives friends and family a chance to reflect and share stories of the dearly departed.

Your funeral director can either organise it according to your wishes, or help you plan everything.

When helping you plan, they’ll recommend caterers, venues and other professionals.

If you wish, a funeral director can even recommend a facility to hold the wake. And, if you’re planning a cremation, they can connect you with a crematorium or memorial park.

For assistance with organising a truly special and unique funeral for your loved one, get in touch with our funeral directors on the Gold Coast today.


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