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Planning a Cremation.

Choosing cremation has become a popular choice for families, as we are becoming a transient society it allows the flexibility of taking our loved ones to our new location. A number of religious groups are slowly changing their attitude and becoming a little more flexible towards this method. There are a number of options available to families regarding the Cremation.


Direct Cremation:

Where family decide to have a basic No Service Cremation for their family member.


Memorial Service:

There is no coffin at the Memorial Service. The deceased has already been cremated with no funeral service. The family then choose to have a Memorial Service, which allows for a fitting tribute to their loved one and a celebration of their life. Ashes are usually discreetly present at this service.

This can be arranged by the family or you can engage A Gentle Touch Funerals to co-ordinate the Celebrant or Minister and prepare a memorable service in our Federation Chapel to suit the family’s needs. This can be a cost-effective way of giving closure to family and friends and can be planned at a date in the future to suit all the family.

Traditional Funeral Service:

This is a popular for many families, with the ability of choosing different venues, albeit church, chapel, crematorium chapel outdoor venues choices are unlimited. Depending on where the family choose to have the service the following scenarios apply.

After a Church Service, the hearse will proceed to the Crematorium leaving family at the church to mingle and catch up with family and friends.

A service at our Federation Chapel, once family have departed from our premises the deceased will be transported to the Crematorium.

A service at the Crematorium Chapel, once family depart from the immediate vicinity, the cremation will take place as soon as practicable.

Whatever venue or method you choose, our compassionate and caring staff will guide you every step of the way, during the funeral arrangement process. This can be either be in your home or in our arrangement rooms.

After the cremation process is completed, depending on family’s request, ashes can be returned within 24 hours if circumstances are of urgent need. Otherwise normal timeframe ashes can be returned to families in a 72hour timeframe. We can arrange for a travel letter, if ashes are being taken overseas. Please advise staff if this applies to your needs.


Planning a Burial:

The ideal situation is your loved one has chosen burial as their preferred place of rest, together with the selection of the Cemetery.

Some families have pre-selected and paid for their plot. This can be determined at the time of the funeral arrangement.

Please discuss with the Funeral Director if your family are of a specific faith, religious or cultural background and we can adhere to these requirements and requests.


Selection of Cemetery and Grave Plot:

There are many Council owned Cemeteries These include the following lawn, lawn beam and monumental cemeteries:

Mudgeeraba, Southport Lawn, Southport General, Nerang, Coomera, Upper Coomera, Pimpama and Alberton. Together with other sites owned by Invocare. Families are able to select a suitable grave plot. The preferred preference is to select a double depth plot, which allows two people to be buried in that plot or the option of the interment of ashes.


Choice of Venue for Service Church or Chapel:

Depending on the religious beliefs of the deceased and their family it is more often than not that Minister and the Church chosen is one that has been attended to by family members.

Alternatively, family may choose a Chapel and Celebrant to conduct the service. Traditionally at the conclusion of the Church or Chapel Service there is a cortege of the hearse, family and friends as they make way to the Cemetery for the Committal Service and burial at their chosen cemetery.


Graveside Service:

A graveside service is chosen by families, if I they are seeking the funeral to be a small private affair.

A Gentle Touch Funerals can assist families, not only on the Gold Coast. We travel to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and far Northern New South Wales and other country areas if required.

Choosing a Coffin or Casket


COFFIN is a traditional body shaped structure, the widest point is the shoulder tapering at the head and foot ends. The coffin can be made with (MDF) Medium Density Fibreboard, this is cost effective material and has many qualities that suit the manufacturing application. Visual designs and appealing finishes can be applied to the exterior of the coffin. Creating a customised expensive looking finish to the coffin. ie: woodgrain finish in different colours, iridescent metallic coloured finishes. MDF coffins are predominantly used for Cremation purposes.

The latest trend is personalised unique exclusive vinyl wrapped coffins, the feature of this type of application is the design is created on the computer.

This allows a creative process that holds no bounds, ability to individualise the design to suit the character of the person whom has passed away.

This type of coffin is utilised to ‘Celebrate One’s Life.’ Allowing family input, to produce a spectacular visual masterpiece that portrays the deceased amazing life.

Coffins are still traditionally manufactured from solid wood, majority being made from plantation radiata pine, cedar and camphor laurel and sprayed to a chosen colour.

Solid wooden coffins are the preferred option for Burials, thanks to its longer lasting qualities compared to MDF.


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