Custom Coffins

Coffins are traditionally made tapered at the shoulder with a removable lid which is secured by four or six fastening screws.

Many styles, designs and colours are available so that you can choose an option that really suits your loved one’s style and personality.

The timber used for coffins ranges from basic economical MDF (medium-density fibreboard) to pine, cedar, Australian hardwood, wicker and camphor laurel.

Our experience indicates most families prefer to choose darker coloured timber for gentlemen and lighter coloured finishes for ladies.

Most coffins made are suitable for either cremation or burial options.

Expression Coffins

Expression coffins are personalised, image or artwork photo wrapped coffins.

There are thousands of combinations or themes that you can choose from our exclusive range, or you can supply your own images or photographs to be added for that truly unique finish.

This different and unique concept is available with our signature range of coffins that are available to purchase online now.

Our signature range of custom coffins are created suitable for both cremation or burial.

Please browse our entire range that is available online here and contact us if you wish to discuss our products further. We are always available to assist you.