Cars Cremation Urn

A three way, tie between race cars, The King, Chick Hicks and Rookie Lightening McQueen, have them headed to the Piston Cup, Los Angeles a world known racetrack for the race off. Whilst travelling in a transporter truck along Route 66, near an old  run down town of Radiator Springs, Lightening McQueen fell from the truck onto the roadway, damaging  the road surface. He was then impounded and sentenced to repairing the road.  A friendly rusty old tow-truck named Tomater become best friends with Lightening McQueen.

  Disclosure Statement.

All images and backdrops used to create any of my designs. I have purchased or used royalty free images and

photographed the relevant characters from my personal collection. Together with my creative flair I have produced this final product.