Droving the Long Paddock Cremation Urn


When the feed is low or non-existent, and the droughts have been long and hard. Once in prime condition and  shiny coated stock, the old and weak fall in the paddocks.

Nothing left to do, other than try and save the few that are left. Trekking some of the stock routes is the only option. The drover, and fellow stockman are on horseback, relying on the working dogs to contain and move the mob, at a leisurely pace.
Cattle head down grabbing a nibble of grass here and there, snouts covered in dust. Reaching their designated distance for the day. Always manage to quicken the pace when they smell water in the distance, whether it be a dwindling dam or a water trough being fed by a rusty old windmill.  By afternoons end all stock are secured and bedded down for the night, with the hope of no stampede in sight. Droving is a job not for the faint hearted, living it rough, swag on the ground exposed to the night elements and lacking the comforts of one home.

We can create an urn from your personal good quality photographs.

Disclosure Statement:
All images and backdrops used to create any of my designs. I personally photographed, purchased or used royalty free images. Together with my creative flair I have produced this final product.