Dumbo Cremation Urn

A struggling run- down circus was trying to stay afloat during the hard times, with tickets in decline. A baby elephant with oversized ears is born into circus life, being the progeny of one of the larger performing elephants.

Dumbo was in need of care and guidance and was being looked after by a former circus family. As other animals and humans made fun of him, due to being clumsy and always tripping on his oversized ears.  It did not take long for everyone to be become aware that dumbo could flap his large ears and soar into the sky.

Thus, making him the single biggest attraction the circus had seen for many years.

Disclosure Statement:

All images and backdrops used to create any of my designs. I have purchased or used royalty free images and

photographed the relevant characters from my personal collection. Together with my creative flair I have produced this final product.