Yoda Coffin

Pretty I am not, big ears I have and sparsely placed unruly hair. I am small in stature and a green coloured carnivorous humanoid. I am Yoda the legendary Jedi Master, wise and powerful unlocking the path to immortality. I stand by 8 Great Life Teachings. 1. Be mindful. 2. Stop focusing on the negative and commit. 3. Quit trying to predict your fate and bend it to your will. 4. Who is in charge of your future – You. 5.Quit being so selfish and impulsive. 6.Learn to let go. 7. Don’t make rash decisions. 8. Be patient.

Disclosure Statement.

All images and backdrops used to create any of my designs. I have purchased or used royalty free images and photographed the relevant characters from my personal collection. Together with my creative flair I have produced this final product.