Expression Coffins Thoroughbred Race

This coffin design features a horse racing theme with images on the sides of a field of riders and horses entering the final straight of a race. The lid shows a front-on view of jockeys with colourful silk racing attire and the rippling muscles of Thoroughbred race horses.

This picture coffin is beautifully handmade by our master craftsmen and wrapped in a photographic quality image, using the latest technology. The richness of colour and vibrancy of this Expression Coffin is truly stunning.


Expression Coffins offset our use of natural materials by operating our Memorial Tree Program. When you purchase one of these coffins, a memorial tree will be planted on your behalf.

The tree will be planted by the Men of the Trees society, who are a non-profit, non-political group dedicated to the reforestation, maintenance and protection of trees in Australia. A Gentle Touch Funerals will supply you with a certificate explaining the Memorial Tree Program.

Click the photo below for more information on the Memorial Tree Program.