The Eddy Bear Soft Touch

The Eddy Bear Company makes what we call Memory Bears; These Memory Bears are huggable keepsakes to remember our loved ones. Our personalised Teddy Bears hold either a portion of your loved ones ashes or a special memento inside their red heart. The heart is then secured inside the teddies chest ready to share many years of hugs, cuddles and memories to come.

Each and every one of our personalised Memory Bears are made with love, as we understand just how special each bear becomes as it leaves our arms and arrives in yours.

The Story


The Idea of the Eddy Bear Company was formed when my father Eddy Kuhne passed away in 2009 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in mid 2006.

My father was a unique man, always doing things his particular way and always going against the grain. He made it very clear to my mother of his wish to be cremated and put inside a teddy bear upon his passing; an “Eddy Bear” he would call it.

After 35 years together, he wanted for her to have something to cuddle to help ease the grief that he knew she would feel.

My mother sleeps with her Eddy Bear every night and also gave each of us a children a bear of our own. The feeling we get when we cuddle into our bear is extremely comforting knowing that we are holding him and that he is there in that moment when we need to feel him close again.

We watched in awe and always with hope as he fought a brave and courageous battle with his disease and this is our way of honoring his memory.

It is the wish of my mother and I to share our special “bears” with you in the hope that we may help others feel close to their loved one too.

Close to our hearts and comforting in our arms they will be with us always.