Timber Cremation Urn 08

Hand Crafted Wooden Cremation Urns.

Specific trades and experience stand alone when one builder seeks  a slab of rough sawn timber, he observes the grain, colour, knots and then sets a path to make the timber come alive. With sawing, planing, sanding and then creating an item that makes him proud.

He then chooses the precise dove tail joints to connect all sides. The lid is crafted to match or an option of lovingly and with a keen eye sets about mapping out a 3D marquetry pattern in small wooden pieces of various colours looking more like a jigsaw puzzle.

On completion of the product it is sanded to perfection and then given an option of a final satin or highly finished coat of gloss.

These urns are all individual pieces in their own right displaying various colours and grains. Each created by a dedicated craftsman with wood from the camphor laurel tree, silky oak, cedar, gum and many more to choose from.

These urns are available in sizes suitable to house the ashes of two (double design), single and small half size which is suitable for families who divide ashes, children or pets.

Please be aware all of these urns are individual pieces- no two urns are the same. When ordering, please indicate the urn number you would like to purchase.


Click the tool box image below to see these handcrafted timber urns being made.